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Girl learning stem and robotics at futurebots academy lebanon

Think Like a Scientist, Play Like an Engineer: The Fun Side of STEM Education

Think Like a Scientist, Play Like an Engineer: The Fun Side of STEM Education


Curious minds in Lebanon? Wonder how robots move or games are made? Dive into STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) –  The fun way!

Forget textbooks! STEM is about asking questions, solving problems, and using imagination. Dream of building bridges or exploring the sea? STEM gets you there

Lebanon's Fun STEM Scene

Futurebots Academy (EL Maten): Build robots, code, fly drones and 3D print – STEMulate the Future!

Steam-X Robotics (Saida): Committed to offer your kids an education in coding, robotics and electronics

3Poli Robotics (Tripoli): Educational institution that follows modern global curriculum specialized in innovating, assembling, and programming robots and smart machines.

Retrieved from 3poli Robotics Facebook

Kids coding in Lebanon

Think Like a Scientist, Play Like an Engineer!

Here are fun, at-home STEM activities:

Science Experiments: Build a mini-volcano with baking soda and vinegar!

Coding Challenges: Free online games like Scratch teach coding basics.

DIY Engineering Projects: Turn cardboard boxes into robots or build a mini city!


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The key to STEM fun?

So grab your lab coat (or comfy clothes) and explore the exciting world of STEM in Lebanon! The future is full of possibilities, and with a little creativity and curiosity, you can be a part of it!

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